Open up to development

Friendly exchange

More trust and awareness

Welcome emotions

Think about your life, your future

Wealth of experience

Time for personal introspection

Accommodate your mission

They have trusted us

  • Human resources

    Monique Van Dyck

    At TUC TAIL we recommend the Sense+ experience to our employees of 45 and over… All participants unanimously agree on the benefits of the course: in small groups, guided by a coach/expert facilitator, they were able to engage in deep soul-searching around the questions of meaning and motivation.

    For us in HR, personal development is a basic condition for quality relations and therefore also for cooperation within the company.

  • Human resources

    Françoise Closset

    The Sense+ experience is fully in line with the search for meaning and « reason why » in modern society.  It meets our need to improve well-being at work and to remain alert as far as the prevention of burnout is concerned.

    We have received nothing but positive and enthusiastic feedback from participants who thank us for the opportunity of this experience at ORES: to work on oneself, to take some distance and to reflect on private/professional life balance.

  • Human resources

    Charlotte Pourcel

    The Sense+ course represents real added value in our training programme catalogue at ORES.  Where some participants feel forgotten, this experience is a concrete answer to the need to generate meaning in the private and professional lives of our over-45 employees.

    All the staff members who have already had the opportunity to participate regularly send us positive feedback on the benefits they derived.  Moreover, regular contacts with the coaching team prove professional and friendly.  Full marks for this promising project!

  • Participant


    When HR suggested I follow a Sense+ programme I had a lot of questions as I am a trade union delegate.  I enrolled out of curiosity and I was not disappointed.  I learnt a lot about myself.  Very naturally, the experience created deep, strong and genuine bonds between participants.

    Sense+ means open-mindedness, understanding, tolerance, solidarity, ambition, projects for the future, achievement.  This has nothing to do with team-building where you don’t control the situation.  I am grateful to my management for letting me participate in this original initiative for if everybody could follow the course human relations within the company would improve significantly. 

  • Participant


    When they proposed Sense+ I said to myself: « Another training course… and for the over 50s... not a good sign. »  So I hesitated to go.  Yet... thanks to contact in small groups, irrespective of status, it becomes easier to talk.  Everybody is in the same boat.

    We think about what is important for us, about our values, about what we want to do.  Not an ordinary exercise: « Who am I? What will I do when I stop work? How will I organise my life for the next 30 years, when I retire? » Quite a programme for reflection.

  • Participant


    Sense+ allowed me to position myself, to structure my ideas, to redefine my self-image and to discover hidden treasures thanks to the kind guidance of the team of professionals and colleagues I shared this human adventure with.

    I was able to explore subjects of major importance (personal, family, professional), to associate family and friends with this in-depth reflection.  Would I do it again? Yes, one year later I still reap the benefits of this work on myself.

  • Participant


    In Sense+ I found confirmation of my values and driving forces, I accepted the fact that these were not identical to those of the others and that sometimes counter-values also make sense.  Thanks to this work on myself I discovered other keys directing me towards one of my main objectives: to be happy.

  • Participant


    This approach allowed me to know myself better and to consider directing my present and my future towards what really matters to me, to value my qualities in order to feel good (or better) in my work environment or just simply in my life.   During the Sense+ experience I was able to focus on my real needs and wishes.  As these were not all that obvious I was able to bring them to light and to include them, to reinforce them even, in my present and future actions.

  • Participant


    Sense+ is a bolt out of the blue in my life!  It reveals the force of my potential. 

    With precision, dexterity and relevance, Vincent and Anita guided me through this experience.  Thanks to them I have come to realise in a tangible way the extent of My aptitudes, My values, My motivations, My talents, My resistances...

    I am now capable of letting myself give meaning to my life. I relish this victory and abuse it. Every single day I am free to choose what is best for me. Thank you!

  • Participant


    In 2018 I felt a need for change and a genuine wish to move towards some kind of renewal.  Sense+ lit a spark in me and offered my Conscience the links I needed to open up.

    What was decisive for me was to visualize the objective… to make it real via my action plan, last stage of the experience, which was an « artistic » revelation.  To this day it is still hanging in my bedroom and for the past two years it is the first thing accompanying me when I wake up.  Here it is, about to become reality. 

    Sense+ has allowed me to reconnect with my roots and has given me wings… to bring me in line with the All.