How to help 
the over 45s

to review their careers and redefine their professional objectives ?

How to assess 
their potential 

in order to promote meaning and motivation ?

How to recognize 
their expertise 

to become a driving force for the company ?

For an enterprise to function smoothly and to reach collective objectives, personal commitment is mandatory on the part of all parties involved.

Sense+ :

  • targets strategies which strengthen staff motivation 
  • allows people to speak openly and to give new meaning to their commitment to company dynamic
  • enhances the collective worth of the over 45s
  • implements concrete actions on prevention of burnout and absenteeism 


Everyone wants things to have meaning and to feel connected to self, to the community, to the planet and to work environment.

Organisations play a key role in aligning values to the societal challenges of the 21st century. 

The person

Every employee has considerable potential. 

In-depth reflection brings a feeling of belonging.

The most efficient method is to allow people to discover their intrinsic motivations.

Some periods of transition are opportunities to reposition and to regain confidence in one’s potential.

The organisation  

The real value of an organisation lies in its human capital (talents, skills and competencies) which defines its strength. 

Diversity is an undeniable opportunity. 

For an organisation, the contribution of the over 45s, matured through the years, is a key factor in the creation of wealth.  

The Sense+ experience

Why not envisage your professional life differently ? Sense+ is a programme destined for over 45s to unlock their potential.

Benefits for your organisation

After their Sense+ experience, your employees will be :

  • aware of their potential
  • more committed and motivated
  • more in line with their values as well as yours
  • more self-sufficient
  • more open to change

The Sense+ strategy is to produce a butterfly effect  : personal change leads to change at work and at large. 

Our characteristics

The Sense+ experience, destined for the over 45s, leads to  :

  • building a collective vision for the 45+ age group
  • sharing experience and learning processes
  • lending mutual support during and after the programme

The Sense+ experience meets the requirements of the CCT 104 (in Belgium).

In 2013 the authorities created «  a compulsory employment scheme for older workers  ».  It stipulates that all enterprises employing more than 20 people are obliged to establish an employment scheme in order to maintain or increase the number of employees over 45.

Our options



In small groups for company employees



Option for one of your employees to participate in a Sense+ session (groups of 6) outside the company 


Customized options

Adapted to specific company requirements

These options can be organised simultaneously in French, Dutch, English or German.  Unilingual groups are formed according to language preferences. 


Sense+ has welcomed more than 180 participants to date.  Our best ambassadors are former participants and HR contacts. 

  • Human resources

    Monique Van Dyck

    At TUC TAIL we recommend the Sense+ experience to our employees of 45 and over… All participants unanimously agree on the benefits of the course: in small groups, guided by a coach/expert facilitator, they were able to engage in deep soul-searching around the questions of meaning and motivation.

    For us in HR, personal development is a basic condition for quality relations and therefore also for cooperation within the company.

  • Human resources

    Françoise Closset

    The Sense+ experience is fully in line with the search for meaning and « reason why » in modern society.  It meets our need to improve well-being at work and to remain alert as far as the prevention of burnout is concerned.

    We have received nothing but positive and enthusiastic feedback from participants who thank us for the opportunity of this experience at ORES: to work on oneself, to take some distance and to reflect on private/professional life balance.

They have trusted us  :  AXA Assistance, ORES, Novartis, TUC RAIL