Our next webinar : “Create scenarios !”

One way to really manage change when the future is uncertain is to create scenarios. Rather than “waiting”, feeling like you’re getting away from it all, you get back in the driving seat of your life by being ready for any scenario that may arise. The main thing is not to wonder if A or B arrives : will there be a second wave or not ? A serious economic downturn or not so serious ? Are you going to be able to go on holiday or not ? … Rather accept both plausible scenarios as effective possibilities. You can then imagine specific actions for each scenario. This gives you the opportunity to create the future you want !

We offer a taste of the method in the experience offered below…


25 June from 6pm to 7pm

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Our tool of the month

Ask yourself a moment and imagine…

Step 1.  Think of plausible scenarios that can happen to you (3 or 4 scenarios are enough).

Scenario A : for example, we can go on holiday as planned.

Scenario B : we can leave but we will have to avoid the restaurants, the tourist attractions, the markets on the spot.

Scenario C : we leave, but during the trip a new wave breaks out and we have to come back faster.

Scenario D : the borders remain closed, we are looking for something at home.

Step 2.  Immerse yourself fully in these scenarios, from a broader perspective, what the context looks like, and then narrower, what your day will look like in each case. Whether or not the scenario happens doesn’t matter at this point.

Step 3. For each scenario, you look for the pros and cons. Each scenario has its advantages, it is important to find them.

Step 4. You can now propose actions for each scenario. What do you actually do in this scenario ? scénario.  Que faites-vous concrètement dans ce scénario ?

Step 5. This is perhaps the most important step : watch your actions, aren’t there any you can use anyway, no matter what scenario happens later ? Maybe a weekend in the Ardennes is something you can do anyway, even if you’re still traveling.

The example is light, it becomes very relevant when it comes to your work which may or may not change, or even disappear, school options for children, …

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