The Sense+ Circles

Looking for meaning
after a crisis  ?

An internal (reorganisation…) or external crisis, for ex. Covid-19 is liable to disrupt the established orer.  This imposes a number of new constraints which could well become the new normal.

How to develop our capacity for resilience to overcome this crisis ?

Here a load of questions collide

  • How do we apprehend what is happening ? what is happening to me ? what is happening to the company or to our department ?
  • How do we react as a team or as an individual ?
  • How do we make sure colleagues accept new practices ?
  • How do we give the team the necessary leeway to integrate these new elements ?
  • How do we manage fear and insecurity, apprehend the new situation on a personal level without risking burnout ?

Sense+ recommends the development of collective and/or individual resilience through reflection-oriented activity.

The Solidarity Circles

1,5 hours to register

In today’s context, it is a good idea to take stock, to take some time to think in order to grasp the situation more calmly and to progressively find new stability.  What is at stake is to go from resistance to acceptance…

After Covid-19, the urgency of making up for lost time will be a top priority.  What can we plan to really reach this objective and perhaps also to create new opportunities ?

These reflection-oriented activities can be organised in groups for your employees or on a private basis.
(Consult Facebook and LinkedIn for dates of forthcoming sessions)

3 sessions to go into more detail and launch Resilience

For a period of 3 circles x 2 hours we deal with one of your group questions and draw up a relevant plan of action.

  • What is the main problem  ?
  • The drivers of Resilience
  • How to implement them in a team context

These sessions are destined for companies, in groups of maximum 4 or 5 employees. 

1,5 hours of individual coaching

How does a crisis, a disruptive element such as the Covid-19 pandemic, impact my search for meaning on personal as well as professional level ? 

Sense+ recommends a private coaching session with one of our coaches, in particular on how to find meaning in the crisis you are going through at the moment.

These coaching sessions, whether virtual or face-to-face, are recommended for your employees in groups or on an individual basis.