Our offer

Our approach

Sense+ promotes group cooperation to enhance group dynamic in collective intelligence mode.

The Sense+ team consists of professional coaches accustomed to group facilitation (training, cultural activities).

Our programmes are diversified, including :

  • in-depth thinking  : pair exchange, reflection-oriented space
  • sharing of experience and spontaneous emotion
  • creative intermissions  : connecting with and complicity amongst participants
  • learning experiences  :  practices and resources

Our proposals

The Sense+ experience

Why not envisage your professional life differently  ? Sense+ is a programme destined for over 45s to unlock their potential.

The Sense+ circles

Looking for meaning after a crisis  ?

We provide assistance in small groups or on an individual basis.  Each crisis contains the seeds of new opportunities, let’s discover them together.

Our Webinars

Chaque mois, nous partageons un outil concret en guise d’inspiration.

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