Useful Information

For companies

Collective sessions lasting 3 and a half hours during working hours every 2 or 4 weeks over a 4-month period.

Company sessions start with individual interviews (called “in-take”) and usually end with a restitution session. Sense+ also supports the company with the communication aspects linked to the programme. We can run two parallel groups, one in French and one in Dutch.

The sessions can be in-company sessions (only accessible to the employees of the company) or inter-company sessions (with employees from various companies).

Those sessions can be organized in French, Dutch or English. The groups are formed taking the linguistic preference of the participants.

For individuals

Collective sessions lasting 3,5 hours are organized every two or three weeks.
The sessions take place between 18.30 and 21.30 (you are welcome from 18 onwards).

Sense+ plans two series of sessions each semester (one French-speaking group and one Dutch-speaking group, a group in English is possible if there is demand for it).


In Belgium and Switzerland. But we’re open for interventions in neighbouring countries. We are able to facilitate sessions in English, French, Dutch and German.

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