You are 45 or more…
You feel like approaching your professional life differently…


Do you ask yourself the following questions?

  • How can I make my career more meaningful?
  • How could I feel more motivated by my job (again)?
  • What would the right work-life balance be?
  • What would my ideal project look like and how could I achieve it?

Do you feel the following needs?

  • Looking back at your skills and achievements.
  • Feeling alignment between what you are doing and what you would like to achieve.
  • Avoiding burnout and demotivation by connecting to your resources (motivations, values, potential.
  • Sharing and discussing your experiences with people who are at the same stage in their life?

Sense+ is a collective journey consisting of seven sessions to accompany your reflection. It is a creative and positive approach enhanced by group dynamics.


The Sense+ Journey

The Sense+ journey brings together a group of 5 to 7 participants who find themselves at a key moment of their life.

The 7 sessions  last 3 and a half hours and take place every 2 to 4 weeks, over 4 months and enable every participant to

  • Start on a self-discovering journey
  • Explore their values and what really motivates them.
  • Free themselves from limiting beliefs
  • Connect to their sources of energy and see how to integrate those in their (professional) life
  • Focus on an intention and use their talents to develop their potential
  • Define their own project with achievable objectives
  • Get going by implementing an action plan

Sense+ creates a warm and friendly environment and guarantees a facilitation process based on empathic listening and respect. It is a place for sharing exchanges. Sense+ will provide you with relevant tools that will enable you to start on a project you really care for.

Useful Information

For companies

Collective sessions lasting 3 and a half hours during working hours every 2 or 4 weeks over a 4-month period.

Company sessions start with individual interviews (called “in-take”) and usually end with a restitution session. Sense+ also supports the company with the communication aspects linked to the programme. We can run two parallel groups, one in French and one in Dutch.

The sessions can be in-company sessions (only accessible to the employees of the company) or inter-company sessions (with employees from various companies).

Those sessions can be organized in French, Dutch or English. The groups are formed taking the linguistic preference of the participants.

For individuals

Collective sessions lasting 3,5 hours are organized every two or three weeks.
The sessions take place between 18.30 and 21.30 (you are welcome from 18 onwards).

Sense+ plans two series of sessions each semester (one French-speaking group and one Dutch-speaking group, a group in English is possible if there is demand for it).


In Belgium and Switzerland. But we’re open for interventions in neighbouring countries. We are able to facilitate sessions in English, French, Dutch and German.

Interested? Contact us …

For Belgium: gaelle.ryelandt@gmail.com or vincent.dewaele@gmail.com

For Switzerland: anoucha@hrsystemics.ch


About us

In Belgium

Gaëlle Ryelandt

As an ICF certified coach and trainer, I like to facilitate transitions. I really feel that everyone should find their own path, feel aligned with who they are and what they do, feel valued and at the right place.


My site : jeunesseniorsdynamiques.be


Vincent De Waele

After working for 25 years with several companies, I started a new career as a consultant, facilitator and coach.

I now accompany organisations and people in various stages of professional transition with passion and a real attention to the human side of change.


My site: changingworld.eu



Anita Sheehan

Anita has a diverse professional and international background, working both in international institutions and local companies. Anita is a certified life and team coach. Her mission is to make people and organizations aware of their strengths, talents, values, and passions and to leverage these to live the life they really want. Using appreciative and collaborative approaches, Anita has been assisting teams and individuals to stimulate conversations with themselves and among each other and to develop techniques that lead to greater cohesion, goodwill, creativity, both at work and in private life.


My site: impaktcoaching.com/


Our partner in Switzerland

Anoucha Galeazzi

I am a professional coach and an NLP-practitioner who graduated from the École hôtelière de Lausanne. I obtained a certification in the «Cercle de legs» method. I also specialised in human resources and systemic approaches, I have had a long career in the tertiary sector, human resources, humanitarian aid, healthcare and tourism. In 2008, I started working freelance. Since then, I have been accompanying adults (individually or as a group) at various stages of their career, including in their job searches.

My site: hrsystemics.ch